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New Customers:  Vehicle Must Be Less Than 10 years old & 100,000 miles

Originally from Santa Barbara, California, we have been serving Gig Harbor since 2008 and  love to have awesome customer relationships. 


We specialize in HONDA ACURA TOYOTA LEXUS vehicles and perform factory scheduled auto maintenance service, brakes, batteries, etc. performing each service to exceed the minimum requirements of your vehicle's manufacture. We install genuine HONDA ACURA TOYOTA LEXUS OEM replacement factory parts & fluids from your local dealerships on vehicles under warranty!  We will sometimes install quality OEM aftermarket parts to save you money  on vehicles out of warranty.


All work performed, satisfies your new vehicle's factory warranty requirements and is 100% guaranteed.  We perform all maintenance services and brakes when your vehicle is under warranty! 


In fact, due to the vast experience we have acquired over the years, we actually go beyond those minimum requirements on each service with an exhaustive HONDA / TOYOTA Certified 150 Point Inspection Checklist.


By requiring an extensive checklist on each service interval, we are able to note to our customers how their vehicles are really doing. It allows us to check and track wear patterns from one service to the next. Your checklist is documented each time, and then viewed on your next service visit. These notes allow us to calculate and track future needs on services, brakes, batteries, lights, tires, wipers, etc., in order to maximize the life of each part on your car. This procedure also helps you save money over the life of your vehicle. 

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